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  • Beyond The Game

    By on December 16, 2015

    Sports are a way of life for most men. We often live for Saturday afternoon when we can don...

  • Be A Safe Place For Her

    By on August 24, 2015

    Have you ever wondered why sexual purity is so important to your relationships? If you’re anything like I used to...

  • Is Same-Sex Marriage Really The Problem?

    By on June 28, 2015

    Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 24 hours, you most likely have heard that the Supreme...

  • Guard Your Eyes

    By on June 21, 2015

    I love Chipotle! It’s by far my favorite place to eat and it doesn’t matter what I’m in the...

  • It’s Time To Get Angry

    By on June 13, 2015

    I would say that anger is a common emotion for most people. Not everybody struggles with it, but I’m...

  • Sexual Purity: Keep It Simple

    By on June 9, 2015

    I remember back when I was first married and I took on the arduous task of teaching my wife...

  • Eat The Healthy Peanut Butter

    By on June 6, 2015

    I have a confession to make… I have a serious sweet tooth. If it contains sugar, I’m eating it....

  • What Are You Looking At?

    By on February 20, 2015

    How many times have you been in a public place like the grocery store, a sporting event or something...