About GRIT

I love writing. It’s such a great way to get my thoughts out and also work through things that other people might need to hear. That’s what led me to start stoplookingatmywife.com over 2 years ago. After making the decision to turn my mess-of-a-life around and start living the way God created me to live, I couldn’t help but share my journey with others hoping that it would influence other men to do the same.

Since starting the blog, my life has had a few twists and turns. Some were good and some were pretty challenging. After living in South Florida for five years, God called us to move back to our home town of Columbus, Ohio, leaving our community and all the friends we had grown so close to. Even though that was scary, I was really excited to start a new job and see what God had in mind. We quickly discovered the purpose for our return home which was to take temporary emergency custody of a couple family members who were in a very bad situation. Although that situation turned out great, my new job did not. To put it as nice as possible . . . it wasn’t a good fit for me. After 8 months of pure hell, I left that company feeling pretty beaten down.

As a result of being in a poor work environment, I let myself drift away from community. I began trying to do life on my own (which is never a good idea). Fortunately, I made it through with my integrity intact, but the lack of community in my life left me a shell of who I used to be. I wasn’t as happy as I used to be, I wasn’t as outgoing as I used to be, I didn’t engage with my family and friends like I used to do. In other words, without community I wasn’t the man I used to be.

After taking several months off from writing, I decided it was time to jump back in the saddle again. But this time I felt like God was directing me to change things up a bit.  I wanted to adjust my approach and focus on more of a holistic approach to integrity. I believe that sexual sins like pornography addiction, adultery, and many others are not the actual problem. They are the result of the problem. For so many men, a lack of self-awareness and accountability blur the line between right and wrong. I think we need to fight for what’s right in our lives . . . our integrity, our family, our community and our faith.

With the countless temptations and obstacles to our integrity in the world, it takes a lot more than most of us are currently doing. It takes determination, courage and resolve. It takes a strong character and a relentless focus on the big picture.  IT TAKES GRIT! 

When that word came to me, I immediately knew that I wanted it to be the central focus of my writing. In order to have integrity it all begins with grit . . . a determination that no matter what comes my way, I’m going to be the man that God has called me to be. Once we have that relentless determination, we need community. Community is the fuel that drives our integrity. It’s where we can be challenged, where we can challenge others and where we can grow and develop into the men we need to be.

StopLookingAtMyWife.com is now Grit-Life.com. Grit will be a place where men can come and be fed by interesting and relevant articles, but can also be a part of a community. Not only, will you be able to comment and share articles and join our Facebook Group, but I will be giving away some pretty cool stuff.

I’m super excited for all the amazing things that God has planned for this site and I would love it if you commented, shared and just engaged with this community. My prayer is that you will leave this site a better man than when you first clicked through and join us in living the #gritlife.